PRIVACY POLICY pays utmost attention to the privacy of its visitors, to attain and maintain the transparency as far as the data is concerned and every information we receive. We make it clear, how we make use of given information.


Similar to any other well versed website, we make sure of using log files and the information do carry the Internet protocol address, the service provider, browser, date-time entry, references being used, page click analysis to track engagement of users with the site and other information which is far away from user or visitors’ personal information.


We have committed to certain ad companies or third party vendors of using cookies to serve ads on, so as to keep the site functional, we assured them of using cookies on this site. These cookies are used to create and serve ads based on search and the interest of the user in particular.

The third party or any ad network uses the technology to make possible for the advertisement and links to appear on and sends it directly to your browser, your IP address is recorded when this happens and with this other technologies such as JavaScript may also be used as an effective measure to personalize the advertisement base they track for every visitor. as an individual entity never make use of these third party ad servers and also has no control on the cookies used by them. If the visitor of this site is anyhow concerned about them, then he or she must refer to the privacy policy of these vendors to get further details and any information regarding the advertisements being displayed or any information collected by them using the cookies. One may also get in contact with the vendors in order to opt out from such advertisements and the sharing of detail through cookies if any.

If you may want to disable cookies, then you can go through the settings of your internet browser and look forward to have more details about cookies management through the concerned browser in use.