Natural Ways To Get Rid of Heart Palpitations

The irregular heartbeats can make your life at risk easily, though having it once or twice is nothing to be worried about. But you need not ignore these palpitation symptoms and try to stop these causes as soon as they start. There are many natural treatments to prevent them from taking place by reducing stress levels, taking care of your medications and taking healthy food and supplements.

How to stop Irregular Hearbeats

how to stop heart palpitations

  • Cold Water:

To restore your regular rhythm, take a few gulps of cold water or splashing ice cold water on your face may do the trick easily to get you relaxed from the palpitations.

  • Eat Healthy Drink Healthy:

Eating and Drinking healthy may also save you from these palpitations and help you to be safe. After Eating plenty of fish in particular salmon, makes your heart healthy as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Cutting on caffeine, also do the trick as high levels of caffeine may increase the rate of palpitations. Eating in breaks and also avoiding eating too much is a handy trick to help your digestive track and your overall body to be fit and handle your heartbeat.

  • Meditating:

One of the reason behind these palpitations is a high level of stress and in this way your body alerts you about the stress level and ask you to be safe. By meditating, you can get back your stress level to normal and also unwind your body and mind from all the stress. An alternative to this is, using a few drops of lavender oil onto your hanky, inhaling of this pleasant aroma and getting sleep of seven to eight hours keep your  body and mind healthy state.

  • Get Going:

Sweating your body by doing aerobics, yoga, floor exercises or sweating your body to get free of extreme level of stress. But you must not exercise rigorously so as to harm yourself, but at your own pace.

  • Examine your drug:

Keeping track of your medicines, many of over the counter drugs may cause palpitations and they may increase the level of your blood pressure and also leading to major heart diseases. Some diet remedy supplements may also cause a huge risk to your heart and the start may be hinted with these palpations. Thus, before opting for any such supplements always consult your doctor.

  • Magnesium:

Intake of magnesium supplements is known to have a good effect on your heart palpitations. It may help you control certain serious palpitations that may even cause heart attack.

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A glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of honey and half lemon juice, if taken before going to bed may soothe your palpitations.

  • Guava:

Another natural cure for your palpitations is, eating Guava on an empty stomach which can cure these palpitations naturally. It might not just help you with palpitations but also have a soothing effect on your body.

  • Banana:

Banana helps you in maintaining the levels of electrolyte and your heart depends on smooth muscles depending on potassium and other minerals and as we are aware that banana is a reservoir of potassium which will help you be secure from heart palpitations.

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