Handy Techniques to Ease Migraine Pains

Migraine headache is an extremely throbbing cluster pain, which is usually fixated at one side of the head and worsen even more with any type of moment. It might get aggravated even if you touch your head or try adjusting to better the pain in any manner and this may last to a typical of 48-72 hours at a stretch. Migraine is also declared out of 20 most disabling and worse medical conditions. One might become a lot more sensitive to light and sound or may feel nauseating, or may spot blind spots that are few of the sensory signals of the start of migraine pain. There are about 75% people suffering from such issues and suffer migraine attacks. The major sufferers are seen to have a family history and it is caused by changes in brain chemicals. Till date there is no said cure for the problematic headache but somehow trying these home remedies may help you reduce the frequency of the migraine headaches and also gives you instant fast relief. Some remedies that may help you effectively in migraine prevention are:

How To Cure a Migraine fast

Use of Ice Pack:

It is known to have a numbing effect that elevates the pain, be it a cluster pain or even serious migraine headache. You can take a clean towel and few ice cubes wrapped and put it on your forehead, back of your neck and temples. Adding lavender essential oil may give you better results and keep the process as needed for 15 minutes.


Though coffee is known to have high caffeine but at times coffee can help you reduce the migraine headache and also its symptoms by restricting blood vessels and blocking certain receptors which are the cause of migraine headache. You may also add few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice as it counters the acidic nature of some foods that contribute to such headaches.


Massaging the head timely may help you ease the migraine headaches by blocking pain signals. It is a scientifically proved way, which says that massage therapy helps in treatment of migraine pains and stimulates serotonin receptors. For this you need to gently massage the head with your first two fingers in circular motion, keeping in focus the pressure points i.e. the base of the skull or the middle of the forehead also the corner of the eyes to relieve pain.

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Yoga and meditation:

Making time for yoga and meditation in your daily schedule helps you keep such migraine pains at bay and also are known to keep your body as well body relaxed and well trained to handle stress. It is the best way out of all to have a fit and healthy lifestyle without allowing any such problematic situation hamper your working.

Taking supplements:

It is suggested that taking few supplements such as vitamin B2 on advise of your doctor for sometime may help you reduce the frequency of the pains you face due to chemical working in the brain and will surely save you from some serious migraine attacks.

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