Top 5 foods To Eat During Winters

As soon as the winters come we just want to cosy up in the blanket with a hot cup of tea in our hands. The chilly weather not only affects the eating patterns and clothing it also has a major effect on the immunity and health. We experience changes in energy levels & metabolism. No matter how much we save ourselves there are some infections always waiting to catch us! So how can we stay safe in this chilly weather, the answer is pretty simple that is by eating right winter Food.

Here are our top 5 picks that you can include in your winter food and stay safe and healthy.

root vegetables for winter food

  • Root Vegetables:

winter is the time for many root vegetables to some. Be it carrot, beet, turnips or radish we get these in plenty. Eating these vegetable can provide you the required nutrition that can keep you energised in the winters. Since this is the seasonal for these vegetables you can get a fresh produce and enjoy them as curry vegetable or just raw like salads. During winters when we find it difficult to hit the gym, these fibre rich veges can help you achieve a clean system and help you shed those extra calories that you might pile up.

green tea in winter food

  • Green tea:

We all are very well aware of the benefits of green tea. It is an advisable drink during all seasons but having two-three cups of green tea during the chilly weather can work wonders for you. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and also possesses anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Since winters the fear of infections is at a rise and we need good immunity to fight the various infections, green tea does just that. It boasts the immune system so that it can fight the flu and cold which are most common problems of winters.

mushroom in winter food

  • Mushrooms:

Don’t we just love the way mushrooms make a place for themselves in almost every recipes. Be it pizza, mix veg, korma etc. mushrooms add a lovely flavour to everything. But little do we know that not only mushrooms bring a lot of taste to our foods they also protect us from various infections. Mushrooms are said to have immunity boasting qualities. Eating mushrooms increases the number of vital killer cells which are an important part of our immune system, they protect us against cold and virus.

garlic in winter food

  • Garlic:

Another flavour full ingredient that is also said to have medicinal qualities. Eating garlic during winters will help you detoxify the blood and give strength to your immune system. It is also said to be a home remedy against cold and fever.

honey in winter food

  • Honey:

Honey is known to have antibacterial properties that can help fight various bacteria and virus during the chilly weather. Our moms always give us a spoon full of honey when we have cough and cold. Honey can be taken as it is or with warm milk or water.

Any season is best enjoyed when we are healthy and infection free. So try to include all of these in your daily diet meals during this winter.

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