Benefits of Adding Green Tea in Your Routine

Green tea is famously known to be fledged with antioxidants and is thus known to have some very powerful effects on our body and its functioning. It is time and again claimed that intake of green tea on regular basis improve brain functioning, helps in fat loss and lowers down the risk of cancer.

Many ongoing researches resulted in showing the benefits of green tea and is proven to be a boon to human life. We are today going to present you with few out of many magical benefits of green tea:

What Does Green Tea Do For You


what does green tea do for you


Increases capacity to burn fat

All the fat burning solutions or techniques pledge by green tea as its ingredient or an important portion. This is because green tea is known to have a positive effect on your metabolism and helps in burning fat, it helps in fat oxidation by 17% more than a normal rate. Though these effects depend solely on person to person and to different body structures differently.

With the fat burning capacity it helps you in weight reduction and some studies also show that there is significant increase in weight loss because of green tea when taken with a pinch of salt. Thus, it also helps you remain away from unnecessary fat deposition which makes you feel bloated and also take you away from obesity. It is also effective in reducing the most dangerous abdominal fat.

Protects brain from damage in old age

It is said that green tea helps your brain functioning, but it is not just short term but also in long term that is in old age it helps your brain from getting damaged and from alzheimer. The bioactive compound present in green tea have protective effects on our neurons and overall helps our body and mind staying fit.

Helps in lowering risk of diabetes

Research shows that intake of green tea improves the insulin sensitivity and helps in reducing blood sugar level. It many times is known to have mild reduction in your diabetes level and also helps you getting secure from type II diabetes in long run.

Preventing heart diseases

Green tea if seen through medical lens is known to help and work on lining of our blood vessels and helps keep them stay relaxed and also balances our blood pressure, also protect our vessels against formation of blood clots and prevents us from heart attacks.

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Fight Depression

Our overall health majorly depends on our mental health and on daily basis we all deal with different situations and go through different things which stresses us and these extremely stressful situation and in depth mental situation leads to depression.

The leaves in green tea are known to have Theanine, a form of amino acid which is naturally found in the tea leaves and is a substance that provides a relaxing effect and thus help us fight depression and keeps us away from stress if combined with different forms of exercise i.e. yoga or meditation.



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