Walk To Be Healthy: Benefits of Morning Walk

We all strive to be fit and healthy. Many of us follow various methods to be fit and disease free. Some join gym, some do yoga, some consult nutritionists and many of us do walk. Morning or evening, day or night some of us are just crazy about our daily walk. Many try to walk where ever they can like from work to home, to market or maybe to nearby places where rickshaw can be avoided. For those who walk on daily basis walking feels like meditation. It is their daily routine that they cannot miss. People form groups or pairs to walk and make it a point that they do not miss their walking schedule.

Out of all the timings it is believed that morning is the best time to walk. It its most beneficial to your health. They say that ‘early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ It is good to wake up early and go for a refreshing walk in the morning. Since every morning we are in a rush to get ready, reach office and meet deadlines and targets a refreshing walk in the fresh air of the morning is surely a good idea to get ready for a tiring day. Only an early riser can do morning walk. The best thing about a morning walk is that be it old people, young people or children everyone can enjoy a good morning walk. These days many doctors are advising their patients to go for a walk specifically in the morning as the air is fresh, the atmosphere is calm and quiet and nature is blooming. All this is very good for us.


There are numerous benefits that we can get from morning walk

walking benefits in weight loss

1. Weight loss: we all urge to loose those extra kilos that we have piled up due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Doing brisk walk in the morning is said to accelerate weight loss. Walking in the morning helps increase metabolism and hence helps in weight reduction.

walking benefits keeps energetic

2. Keeps you energetic: since we breathe in fresh air in the morning it keeps us energetic for the rest of the day. Morning walks are said to be source of ample and proficient energy.

3. Boosts immunity: doctors advise their patients to go for morning walks as it gives you better immunity to fight diseases.

4. Morning walk cures heart ailments to some extent and reduces the risk to heart diseases.

5. Intake to more oxygen: during morning we intake larger amounts of oxygen that helps in purifying the blood.

6. Morning walk is also said to reduce cholesterol.

7. It is a great helper in hypertension. Morning walkers are very unlikely to get hypertension.

8. It powers the brain as we breathe in fresh oxygen it enhances the circulation and makes your brain sharp.

walking benefits helps in good sleep

9. Benefits your sleep pattern:

If you wake up early for morning walk you will definitely sleep in time in the night that will help you settle a good sleep pattern.

10. Morning walk also helps circulation.

11. Good for sugar patients: people suffering from diabetes can get a great deal of benefit from morning walk as it helps then to control sugar.

We all are aware that health is wealth. And morning walk is one such exercise that can help all parts and systems of your body. So do take out time for a little walk in the morning.


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