Post Workout Nutrition : Foods to Replenish Your Muscle Mass

Maintaining a regular exercise regime can ensure in achieving an optimum fitness level which is essential in maintaining good health. However, a good exercise regime is often incomplete in providing the best results without supplementing it with good nutrition. Hence, incorporating our daily diet with certain essential foods while following an exercise regime can help building a good physique as well as keep diseases at bay.

post workout meal

What changes occur in the body during workout?

changes occur during workout

During intense workout, glucose is utilized from the body by depleting glycogen stores from the muscle mass as well as the liver. When the glycogen stores are depleted, the fat stores are broken down for supplying energy to the body cells during such periods of intense endurance exercises. This is how fat mass is burnt through sustained periods of regular exercise. Simultaneously, there is growth of muscle mass which gives the body a leaner physique. A combination of aerobic as well as resistance training helps in fat loss as well as growth of muscle mass. This ensures overall fitness.

importance of nutrition during workout

Importance Of Nutrition During Workout

Optimum nutrition helps facilitates in keeping the body fit & free from diseases in conjunction with good exercise. Having an adequate post workout meal ensures  good recovery of fatigued muscles as well as in the regeneration of new muscle cells through good supply of adequate nutrients. Post workout meal should consist of a good combination of complex carbohydrates as well as good quality proteins & fats. Complex carbohydrates helps in replenishing the depleted glycogen stores in the liver. Good quality proteins helps in building healthy muscle mass as well as preventing the loss of muscle mass. Good quality, essential fats helps in toning the body.

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Meal Combos As Post Workout Options

high protein sandwich for post workout meal

  • High Protein Sandwich A meal consisting of 2 slices of multigrain bread along with spread of hummus, topped with cottage cheese or tofu filling with veggies serves as a perfect post workout handy snack.

fruit smoothie for post work meal

  • Fruit Smoothie A glass of yoghurt blenderized with fruits such as strawberries or apple or banana, along with a heapful serving of mixed nuts powder added, gives a yummy nutty flavour as well as filling makeover to the simple fruit smoothie.

protein bars as post workout meal

  • Nutrition / Protein Bars Another handy, quick meals to be had on the go which is packed with good nutrition – protein bars. Check for the protein content in each bar, should be in the range of 15-20 gms / bar, which is worth investing for in order to facilitate good muscle building.

veg paneer wraps as post workout meal

  • Veg Paneer Wraps Quick wraps of flatbreads made of whole wheat or multigrain, stuffed with filling of stir fried vegetables such as bell peppers, broccoli, baby corn & tomatoes, serves a quick meal packed with good nutrition.

protein drinks as post workout meal

  • Protein Drinks Whey or soya protein drinks also serves as a refreshing beverage after a tiring workout.

banana oatmeal as post workout meal

  • Oatmeal with Banana A bowl of cooked oatmeal topped with chopped nuts and a banana as accompaniment also serves as a good filling meal. Oatmeal is rich in complex carbohydrates whereas banana is rich in potassium both essential in facilitating muscle growth.

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