Quick Tips To Help You Lower Down Your Cholesterol Levels

How To Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol, being a naturally occurring substance made by the liver and is required by the body to maintain proper functioning of cells, also to keep in check the working of the nerves and hormones. Cholesterol when travels through the blood streams in form of fatty acid can build up in the walls of arteries which ultimately decreases the blood flow and hampers the working of the entire bodily system. If the plaque gets deposited for significantly long term, it may increase the risk of having a stroke.

We always pay serious attention to keep cholesterol levels under control, but our diets today play a major role in upsetting this balance and thus elevates the levels of cholesterol which if not noticed in time may increase your chances of standing at risk. These lifestyle changes majorly include diabetes, stress and sitting idle for long (being inactive in daily routine).

If we look forward to reducing the cholesterol levels naturally, we can follow various diets or include various food meals in our diet so as to have our cholesterol level lowered. This doesn’t mean that we should follow a very strict diet but including little new things or finding replacement for some will help.

olive oil to lower cholesterol

  • Using olive oil in our kitchens for cooking, should be a must for us to give a basic look to balance our cholesterol levels.
  • Foods which include Omega-3 fats. This helps increasing the level of HDL cholesterol and reduces major risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. As consumption of these two things may stimulate liver to produce more cholesterol.
  • Taking too high a level of caffeine may also turn up to be risky in long term.

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avoid alcohol to lower cholesterol

  • Avoid taking large quantities of alcohol, may prove to be fatal for your overall health as alcohol is one known substance which makes you liver work hard and produce more cholesterol which ultimately leads to rising and unhealthy level of cholesterol but also inflammation.

Also, we are providing you with few natural ways for how to reduce your level of cholesterol and be safe in the long run with today’s fast running lifestyle.

  • Use of garlic and onion in your cooking daily, may significantly help you in lowering down your total cholesterol by increasing the HDL cholesterol.
  • Avoid taking white rice in your diet plan, rather include red rice which have a noticed level of yeast content and helps lowering down cholesterol levels.

daily exercise to lower cholesterol

  • Go for daily exercises and include weight training as well to improve the total level of cholesterol your body produces and what is required.
  • Using various essential oils such as lavender or rosemary oils has been proven to lower down the cholesterol levels by lowering down the level of stress you face in your daily life, also it decreases the level of emotional stress and breakdowns.
  • Adding a variety of herbs in your ongoing diet such as basil, turmeric, rosemary which are known for their anti-oxidant capabilities and are also cardio protective, they also help you lower down the cholesterol levels naturally and without any huge efforts.

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