Growing Eye Lashes Naturally For Beautiful Eyes

In today’s world, where beauty is known to be the very first impression on the people you meet. It is very necessary for you to have a beautiful and charming outlook even before you speak. People no matter how smart and intelligent try judging the person by their overall looks and it is a point where many of us miss out. At least one part of your face must be significantly highlighted in correct ways to attract good attention and also deliver your say in a proper manner and confidently. Not only this come as a factor to gain attention but also becomes important for one to feel confident.

If we go by the term, doing the talking all with eyes; you need to be very specific about how your eyes look and may also find ways to enhance the beauty naturally without use of any harsh chemical containing products. To have fuller lashes, you can now try out various DIY (Do It Yourself) methods. These methods are highly recommended by numerous beauty practitioners and also health practitioners. These methods are backed up with proves by people who claimed to have tried them and have got results within a month.

Few methods and some very easy steps to be followed for Long Eyelashes are as follows:

remove makeup for natural eyelash growth

  • Removing your makeup every night. If you use makeup on daily basis, first of all you must focus on using good quality products and also what suits your skin the best. As wearing makeup for a longer period of time, may lead to dryness on the area nearby your eyes and also dry out the eye lashes, making them break or fall.

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  • Following proper cleansing routine is a must, for that you need not have an appointment with a beauty salon every time but you can also do it on your own on frequent intervals so as not to cause any clogged of oil glands or budding bacteria by the use of makeup which actually causes irritation.
  • At times, it is best advised to give your eye lashes a break from using too much makeup especially mascara. Using mascara daily may lead to dry lashes and fall out.

omega 3 fatty acid food for natural eyelash growth

  • Eating food that promote hair growth, such as food with omega-3 fatty acids, yogurt as it contains vitamin B5.
  • Eating guava, as it contains vitamin C which prevents lashes from easy breaking.
  • Cinnamon, helps you with blood circulation and brings oxygen and other nutrients to help your hair follicles grow strong.
  • You must also massage your eye lashes with clean hands, providing a warm compress. This can be done with or without oil in circular manner both clockwise and anti-clockwise, so as to keep the pores clean and increasing blood flow. This massage will ultimately stimulate hair growth.

castor oil for natural eyelash growth

  • Using castor oil or jojoba oil is known to provide you with best results when it comes to hair growth in a natural manner.
  • Vitamin E oil, if consumed as a supplement or applied externally will also promote hair growth.

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