3 Easy Steps On The Making Of Homemade Hair Removal Wax To Glorify ‘You’

With summer being the seasonal month, you must be wondering how to brave the heat and get your wax done. Or you may blow your mind thinking my parlour girl is done with some viral infection and I too do not quite intend to burn out of the scorching sun. Meanwhile, you are at loggerheads on attending Sheena’s engagement ceremony without wasting too much on the pocket. Better, not ditch your best friend on her Roka rather on doing away with the parlour.

Let’s help you find a way with the following steps on homemade hair removal body wax. Don’t worry about the ingredients as they are the most commonly sourced at homes.

how to make homemade wax

The commonly sourced in ingredients:

All that makes it work,

  • 1 cup of granulated sugar, with an approximated 250 ml.
  • 1 cup of honey, calculating an approximated 250 ml.
  • ½ cup of lemon justice, around 125 ml
  • 1 tablespoon of water, that mostly falls on the optional ground.  

Well, anymore raised eyebrows on the availability of these ingredients? Maybe the wondering grin is for the making.

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Get set go…

Frankly, the processes of making are equally effortless once you know the steps. So, the basics need the wax to be prepared. Now how exactly we are to calculate the measurements, just do along the instructions,

  1. Melting the sugar is necessary

Put the 250 ml of granulated sugar previously arranged and segregated for the making and as has been mentioned on the ingredients part on a medium-heavy saucepan. It is advisable to cook the sugar over a high-medium flame on the oven. Make sure you do not stir them continuously; just an ‘occasional swirl of the pan’ seems to be better. This should be continued ‘until the sugar begins to caramelise’.

  1. Mixing the honey and lemon:

Follow the process by adding honey and lemon to the pan and stir them with a wooden spoon. This should be done continuously until the mixture has melted to form a blood red look, which is quite similar to a pancake batter. In case, you end up with a very thick paste just add a few drops of water, say around 1 tablespoon each time to get that perfect look and form that consistent batter.

  1. Cool the wax for not too get burnt:

Yes, you read it right, for if you try to apply the ‘just prepared’ wax without cooling it, sorry but that would cause a great deal of pain, as that can cause to bell for the medical emergency. So hold on to your patience and allow the hot wax to get cool, at least to a decent extent when it would seem bearable for the skin.  Check that by applying the wax on a small part of your legs and then started.

Apply it…

So, that’s all and to use it take a strip of cotton fabric to tear them and just fix frayed edges, on the other apply the wax on your forearm and place the fabric. Wait again till the starch gets deep into the hair marking the pain lesser.


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