Handy Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are a very common reason why your face appears to be dull or dark every time you come outside in bright light. The very first thing which strikes our mind is that why actually in first place we have blackheads and a common response to it is that when our skin pores get blocked due to excess oil settlement and also a layer of dead skin sitting over our skin makes the blackheads even more worse and our skin even more dull. To get rid of some really bad blackheads is not just scrubbing or using any pore removal strips time and again, as this will make your skin dry.

ways to get rid of blackheads

We are giving you some best natural home remedies and handy treatment to reduce such blackheads simultaneously not harming your skin or making it dry frequently:

egg white mask for blackheads

  • Egg white mask:

If you are an egg lover then you must be knowing that egg is not just good to it for taste and for diet but also does various beauty wonders and similarly it acts as a remover for your blackheads, it holds rich nutrients for your skin and is also less drying if compared to any other skin. You just need an egg and separate the yolk as you are just going to use the white portion and apply just layer and let it dry, applying the second layer and similarly apply 3-5 layers so that it peels out as a mask and be careful while doing so.

honey milk strips for blackheads

  • Honey and milk pore strips:

Both are easily available in every kitchen and thus can be used and for the antibacterial properties as well as the lactic acid properties making skin soft. A spoon of honey and milk each with a clean strip of cotton. Mixing both and heating it for a maximum of 7-8 seconds, let it cool down to a temperature which is bearable for your skin and apply a thin layer of the paste on blackheads. Let it dry and peel away the strip carefully. Let the skin settle by rinsing with cold water.

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  • Baking Soda Water:

Use a little baking soda with water, as using extra amount of baking soda may make your skin dry. It will help your skin because of its small granules and an inexpensive way to remove your blackheads. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, using simple circular motions with light hands apply on the blackheads and wash your face with tap water. Now moisturize your skin to have a dewy effect.

  • Steam:

The most easiest and convenient way to make your skin free of blackheads is using steam, to remove the blackheads and also the layer of dead skin. Using a bowl of boiling water and a clean towel or else using an electronic steamer may help you a lot and will let the blackheads get loosen from the pores of your skin. You need to be careful so as not to be too close to the steamer that may burn your skin, cover your head with towel to have complete effect.


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